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We help you to get a Visa or Residence Permits. No matters from where you come from.

Tax & Accounting Consulting

Do you want to open a company in Portugal? Do you need to issue invoices, questions regarding Taxes, Fiscal number, VAT or accounting in general? Talk to us. 

NHR Status

Do you have questions such as how to obtain NRH status? Am I qualified to be an RNH in Portugal? What are the conditions for me to qualify for RNH status in Portugal and what are the tax benefits of RNH status? We can help you with all these questions.

Financial Consulting & Bank

Opening a private or business bank account in Portugal? Need help with money matters when moving to your new home? Whether you need a savings account or a credit/debit card, get your finances in order with our help. 

Social Security

Social Security is a system that aims to ensure basic citizens' rights and equal opportunities, as well as to promote well-being and social cohesion for all portuguese or foreign citizens who exercise professional activity or reside in the territory. Let us handle everything for you.

Health Care

Having a health care program is important in Portugal. It is possible to choose between public health and private health care nsurance. You can also have both. We help you find the best for you and your family.

Import Foreign Vehicle

Do you want to bring your foreign vehicle to Portugal? We take care of the complete process of registering your vehicle.

Driving License

Do you need to revalidate your driving license or do you have to change your foreign driver's license to Portuguese? We help. 

Road Toll

The electronic toll system offers great advantages in terms of efficiency, convenience and safety, not only in the payments but also in the travels. We can help you to get your Electronic vehicle identification.

Vehicle Residence Badge

The Vehicle Resident's Badge allows parking on the streets belonging to the respective holder's residence, in the existing charged places, without having to pay the parking fee and without a time limit.

Home Hunting

Are you looking for a long term reantal or do you prefer do buy your own property? We help you to find your dream home in Portugal.

Architecture & Licenses

Are you planning to buy or build the house? To prevent future problems we recommend checking that the licenses are all legal. Talk to us! 

Water, Electricity & Gas

If you are planning to move into your new home, be sure to ask in advance for the supply of water, electricity and gas and cancel the same services in your old home. Let us handle everything for you.

Phone, TV & Internet

Staying connected can help you integrate into your new life abroad. Let us help you to get set up. 


We can translate your documents, reports, presentations, websites, brochures, magazines and catalog into over 20 languages. 

Certification & Apostille

We can translate, authenticate, certify and apostille your documents. Ask for your free quote.


Getting to grips with the immigration law in Portugal can be challenging. Or are you just looking for professional legal advice? We can help to find a expat-friendly lawyer where you find the legal advice you need.

Insurance Brokerage

Whether you're securing your health, covering the contents of your home or looking for a car insurance. A great insurance policy gives you peace of mind.


Find a good school is not easy. We help you with:

  • Pre-school & Daycares;
  • Primary and Secundary Schools;
  • International Schools;
  • Boarding Schools;
  • Language Schools;
  • Online Education;
  • After School Daycare. 


Book services from anywhere in the world:

  • Guided, in-person tours;
  • Online/virtual, personal tours;
  • Culture and Museums;
  • Family and Kids Activities;
  • Sports & Wellness.